Restaurant Haikaranpesä is a traditional panorama restaurant in Haukilahti Espoo. Restaurant Haikaranpesä is a family business in a third generation.

Restaurant Haikaranpesä has been a popular venue for events, special occasions and amazing lunch already from the end of 1960s. The location in the Haukilahti water tower is breathtakingly beautiful and one can say Restaurant Haikaranpesä the highest located restaurant in the all of Southern Finland with amazing views over the sea and rooftops of Espoo and Helsinki. The Scandinavian lucnh buffet served daily is definitely an experience and the monthly evening events like Jazz & Dinner or Disco nights are something to experience as well.

Haikaranpesä is part of Maestro Restaurants. Maestro Ravintolat or Maestro Restaurants is a family company in 3rd generation with maestro Niklas Roiha operating as a captain. Maestro Restaurants operate legendary restaurants such as Restaurant Merimakasiini in Hietalahti seafront, panoramic Restaurant Haikaranpesä in Haukilahti, Espoo and fish restaurant Fisken på Disken representing the new generation. Hotel Seaport located in the heart of the harbour in Turku is also part of the family company.