Menu options


Cold smoked salmon, lime and mint yogurt dressing L,G
Flatbread stuffed with white fish roe mousse L
Pike-perch hash L,G
Salmon mousse flavoured with honey and horseradish l L,G
sweet malt bread stuffed with herring and red onion L
Steamed eggs
Steamed potatoes


Light smoked roast beef
Roast lamb seasoned with rosemary and mint jelly L,G
Broiled chicken with chili compote L,G
Cold smoked reindeer and black currant jelly L
Pork belly and chili and sweet pepper compote L,G


Green salad with rucola, mozzarella cheese and Parma ham with light balsamic sauce L,G
Potato salad with warm smoked reindeer L,G
Fresh green salad
Assortment of fresh house bread


Salmon terrine with creamy bolete sauce L,G
Flank steak with red wine and rosemary sauce L,G

Goat cheese flavoured potatoes
Broiled vegetables


Chocolate mousse flavoured with pistachio nut and fresh cheese


The whole menu 82€
Menu with fish main course 66€
Menu with meat main course 74€
Menu without main course 58€



Warm smoked salmon L,G
Slightly sweet and salt marinated white fish L, G
Crayfish- Skagen L
Baltic herring hash L,G
Cold smoked salmon and white fish roe mousse L,G
Steamed eggs
Steamed potatoes


Parma ham rolls stuffed with basil flavoured ricotta cheese  G
Veal steak and yogurt dressing with  Dijon mustard and capers L,G
Fried chicken, crispy bacon and light balsamic L,G
Garlic roast beef and aioli sauce L,G
Small meatballs with BBQ sauce L


Country style green salad with potatoes, crispy bacon, eggs and chopped onion L,G
Caesar salad with mozzarella cheese and basil  L,G
Fresh green salad
Assortment of fresh house bread

Pike-perch Walewska L, G
Beef noisette with dark shiitake sauce L,G

Butter fried  potatoes in Parisian style
Broiled vegetables

White chocolate and strawberry layer cake

The whole menu 79€
Menu with fish main course 66€
Menu meat main course 73€
Menu without main course 54€




Chicken Teriyaki Salad

Crayfish Caesar Salad

Goat Cheese Salad

Salmon Leek Salad with Mustard flavor

French style Potato Salad

Tex Mex Vegetable Fruit Salad, Yoghurt Salsa

Antipasto Assortment

Basil Mozzarella Salad

Chorizo Noodle Salad, Mango Yoghurt Salsa


Rustic Baquette and Ciabatta Bread

Crispy Fried Onions and Corn Chips

Garlic Cream Cheese



Strawberry Cream Cake


Blue Berry Pie with Vanilla Topping


PRICE:  44,50€ / person